What's the best way to list a house? (Podcast)

What's the best way to list a house? (Podcast)

When you start prospecting to get your first few listings, there are some common pitfalls I want you to avoid. These will protect you from “painting yourself into a corner.” It’s a common mistake for most agents at the beginning of their career. They’ll say whatever they need to say to get the listing, and it almost always bites them later. Here’s your list of three “dont’s.”


    1. Don’t Buy the Listing – This is the scenario where you tell the seller the price they want to hear so that you can get the listing. Market value is not determined by the seller’s often lofty opinion of the price, or even your opinion. The market value of a home is what a buyer and seller agree to when neither party is under duress. Make sure you communicate that the market will determine the sale price for the home. The indicators we have for market value are showings and offers. If we’re not getting the appropriate number of showings and offers for the neighborhood, it’s time to lower the price.
    2. Don’t Skip the Prep – Sellers need to understand that depersonalization, cleanliness, and move in readiness are vital keys to selling a home in the appropriate time frame. Agents often are afraid to mention that a house has a pet odor, or that there are too many family pictures on the wall because they don’t want to hurt the clients’ feelings. You don’t have to be rude here, just assertive. There’s a difference between “hurting” someone and “harming” them. If you tell them their house smells like pets, it may “hurt” their feelings, but if you don’t tell them it will “harm” them by delaying the sale of their home.
    3. Don’t Be a Poor Communicator – As Matt Holder mentions in today’s podcast, the number one complaint clients’ express about agents is poor communication. I know you’re busy, and I know how many phone calls, texts, and emails you have to return. The best way to handle your communication is to schedule with the client. Tell them you’ll call them every week (set a specific day) to discuss feedback and the status of the listing. This is going to save you a ton of time, and will keep your clients happy.




Listen to today’s podcast, and comment below with your best tip for selling a house effectively!

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