What's the secret ingredient to success?

What's the secret ingredient to success?

When someone is really successful, one of the first questions that comes to your mind is, “How are they doing it?”


For some reason, we put movie stars, professional athletes, pop stars, etc., into a different category, almost as if they’re superhuman. When someone we know or one of our friends finds substantial success, we find it a little perplexing. If you haven’t heard, let me be the first to tell you, there is a secret sauce.


I’ve just recently moved into a new town halfway across the country, and I’ve been really frustrated with my performance, both in getting the exercise I need, and getting through the work that needs to be done. After a lot of soul searching, I realized that I had not implemented the one thing I needed the most.


It’s accountability. I know, right? Groundbreaking… This shakes out in a couple different ways.


  1. Need-based Accountability – That’s when a person’s need, like feeding a family, paying bills, etc., creates accountability. Isn’t it interesting that most people make just enough money to support their lifestyle? That need gets them up in the morning, helps them drive their car to work (even if they don’t want to), and helps them do their daily work.
  2. High-performance Accountability – This requires a higher level of awareness. This is why people hire personal trainers, have accountability partners, and get a coach to help them with their performance. The realize that they’re almost never going to feel like it, and need someone to help guide them and keep them on track.


Even though the professional athletes, movie stars, and pop stars do have God-given ability, to perform they still have to put accountability into their daily lives. In case you didn’t know – you have some God-given ability, too. Now, it may not shake out into fame, but it can make you successful if you harness it and perfect it through consistent action.


I want you to a couple things for me to improve your performance. First, do an honest appraisal of your life. I know there are things you want to improve. Let’s pick the one at the top of the list. It could be making money, physical fitness, or a spiritual practice.


Next, take that desire, and put some accountability in place. Don’t pick a good friend of yours that will let you off the hook. Pick someone who you’ll be embarrassed to let down. If you can, hire a coach to guide you, as well as provide you with that much needed accountability. As you begin to put these structures into place, you’ll realize that your potential success was never a question of your discipline or God-given ability, but only the lack of accountability.

Comment below, and let me know what source of accountability has been most helpful to you!

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  1. Accountability for me is huge. As I stepped into Real Estate over two years ago I saw fast success and got a head of myself and stopped doing the daily things I needed to do. That’s where accountability stepped in. I knew I needed it to be successful. My friend and mentor Brandon helped me reach set and reach personal and career goals and made me aware of the things I needed to change to be successful! You’re missing out if you don’t have accountability!

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