When Do I Start Building a Real Estate Team?

When Do I Start Building a Real Estate Team?

If you’re any good at being a real estate agent, sooner or later you’re going to create more work than you can handle. I’ve seen it many times. An agent goes from being bored to engaged, from engaged to excited, from excited to overwhelmed, and then shuts down…only to run out of money and have to start this process all over again. I call it the real estate rollercoaster.

The problem is that most agents are good at creating a job for themselves, but they don’t ever really build a business. You may have started out with a good prospecting plan, but chances are, you abandoned it when the workload of showings, offers, and transaction management got to be too much.

Imagine you are working on an assembly line. You create this phenomenal product and decide that you are going to do all the loading, filling, packaging, and shipping. It works great for a while, but then the orders start piling up. The packaging and shipping are backing up and your orders aren’t getting out on time.

So what do you do? Do you stop making the product, or do you bring in someone to help with the packaging and shipping?

I hope you decided to bring someone in, because if not, you’re hurting your brand, your product, and ultimately yourself.

A great team is vital to the success of any organization. If you find that you’re good at gaining clients, don’t stop! Just build a team of professionals around you to help with the processes and time consuming activities, so that you can focus on what you do best.

I want to encourage you to start building your business now, and listen my interview with Brett Creager on today’s Real Estate Ninja Podcast, “When Do I Start Building a Team?”

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  1. Brandon and Brett killing it again! You being a direct mentor to me, the idea of not team building just doesn’t exist. Team Building is life… or at least it should be! Great podcast guys!

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