What do I do in "gut check" moments?

What do I do in "gut check" moments?

What do I do in “gut check” moments?


It’s best that I tell you this now. The real estate business, especially at the beginning, is going to be really uncomfortable. Everyday, you should be pretty uncomfortable doing the activities that you should do to create success. These are what I call “gut check” moments.


The more uncomfortable you feel, the better you’re doing. This is to be expected, since you’re doing something you’ve never done before, embracing an amount of rejection you probably haven’t faced before, and jumping into a world where absolutely nothing is familiar.

It’s not going to be easy, and that’s a good thing. Nothing truly worthwhile is easy. When you’ve mastered the basics of creating a business from nothing, you can do absolutely anything. Because what you’re really learning how to do is remake yourself. So, yes, it’s hard….but it’s good.


Here’s the trick. Everytime you feel uncomfortable, embrace it, and expand. Expand your willpower, your ability, and subsequently, your life.


Each time you expand, you open yourself up to a new world of possibility. When you meet a new person, or go to a place you haven’t been before, these things set in motion a new set of circumstances. In these new circumstances, you’ll find new opportunities, and in these new opportunities, you can create success.


I’m truly excited to see what you’ll create.


Listen to today’s podcast, with guest Lindsey McCabe, and she’ll share her experience with you over the last year.




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